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WABism Art 作り手と作品[2] 


井上まさじ 平面 Inoue Masaji, acryl painting




   インスタグラム  作品はこちらでご覧になれます。




完成までにどれぐらい時間(日数)がかかっているのか分らないが、 この作業を今日 まで30年間近く毎日続けてきている。

Draw a circle about 1 mm in diameter from the upper left corner of the screen to the right as closely as possible.
Inoue does this for one hour every day.
Finally, when he reaches the lower right corner of the screen, his “work” is complete.
We don’t know how much time (or days) it takes to complete the work.
We don’t know how long (or how many days) it takes to complete the work, but I noue has been doing this work every day for almost 30 years until today.


The “work” is almost all black when seen from a distance, but there are shimme ring shades.
It’s like a flow of energy, or a picture that you can look at for a long time.

それは作家本人にしか分らないことだろうけれど、 想像することは自由である。

What happens when you do a very simple task for an hour every day for more than 20 years?
We suppose only the artist himself can know, but You are free to imagine.

1. 手の動きを自分の意志で完璧にコントロールできる。
2. 微粒子の動きを見ることができる。

What happened to the artist
(1) I can control the movement of my hands perfectly at will.
2. He can see the movement of fine particles.










Different colors of acrylic paint are applied over the screen.
The thickness should be, say, 2 to 3 tenths of a millimeter per color.
Then I let it sit for six months or more (until the memory of what colors I pa inted over it fades).

色が塗り重ねられ半年以上経つと、次は絵の具の表面を細い針で線状に彫っていく(フ リーハンド)。
絵の具の表面を線状に彫るとその下に層を成している絵の具の色が表面に現われてくる 。

After the colors have been applied for more than six months, the next step is to carve the surface of the paint into lines with a fine needle (freehand).
As the surface of the paint is carved into lines, the colors of the paint layered underneath appear on the surface.
I carve countless lines. In this way, a single “picture” is created.







Acrylic paint is slopped from the tip of the brush,

and concentric circles are then painted freehand.